Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Joseph Corella - 567 Broadway

December 28, 2021 Mike Montague Season 1 Episode 71
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Joseph Corella - 567 Broadway
Show Notes

Joseph Corella is a Choreographer, Broadway performer, dance teacher, and fitness instructor, but at his core, Joseph is a teacher.

Using his dance, theatre, and fitness background, he has traveled the globe, spreading this love and understanding of the importance of movement.  Joseph’s connection to movement started in his early childhood with extensive training in jazz, tap, contemporary, and ballet. At thirteen, he became a member of famed choreographer Marguerite Derricks’ prestigious dance company, Tremaine Teen Company, and shortly thereafter appeared in Disney’s Geppetto alongside pop superstar Usher.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

Joke of the Week
How our guest plays for a living and helps others do the same
How to have the most fun in your life and work
If our guest can win the Wheel of Weird in a faceoff with Mike
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