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Becoming a Song Writer Instantly with Angus Clark from Song Division

March 12, 2024 Mike Montague Season 4 Episode 176
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Becoming a Song Writer Instantly with Angus Clark from Song Division
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Show Notes

Ever wondered how a symphony of ideas can emerge from the chaos of creativity? Angus Clark from SongDivision joins me to share the melody of innovation that resonates through improvisational music and playful songwriting. Tune in as we strike a chord with musician humor, discuss the true worth of a performance, and unveil how songwriting can be a powerful tool for problem-solving and team building, even for those without a musical bone in their body.

As we riff with Angus, you'll learn how music is an inclusive language that invites all personality types to the creative process. Our discussion harmonizes the elements of crafting a song with the dynamics of group collaboration. We also explore how a structured approach to creativity can lead to unexpected and impactful outcomes, and why sometimes, a touch of competition in a 'song slam' can bring out the best in a team's collective anthem.

Angus doesn't skip a beat as he walks us through his eclectic career, from his academic pursuits to electrifying stages with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Broadway's "Rock of Ages". His experiences with SongDivision reveal how one can orchestrate a career that blends the zest of the arts with the rhythm of the corporate world. So plug in, and let the symphony of ideas, laughter, and practical advice inspire your own creative journey in music or beyond.

(00:15) Unleashing Creativity Through Music and Play
Angus Clark from Song Division talks about improvisational music, gig performance, 'exposure bucks', and SongDivision's role in team building.

(09:45) Creative Problem Solving Through Songwriting
Nature's workshops use music and activities like Lego building to foster problem-solving and team building in a global context.

(21:25) Song Division Collaboration and Process
Collaborative songwriting, structured approach, clear rules, song slam, career insights, sustaining passion in music.

(26:04) Diverse Career Paths and Problem Solving
Versatile guitarist's journey from academia to touring, Broadway, and corporate work, showcasing the power of diverse skill sets in the arts industry.

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