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The Art of Playful Education with Music Maestro Rebecca Sue Fegan

January 21, 2024 Mike Montague Season 4 Episode 174
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
The Art of Playful Education with Music Maestro Rebecca Sue Fegan
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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what could happen if a stockbroker traded in their spreadsheets for sheet music? That's exactly what Rebecca Sue Fegan did, and the harmonious results speak—or rather, sing—for themselves. We're joined by the multitalented education professional, certified coach, and passionate musician, who shares her extraordinary journey from the bustling floor of the stock exchange to the rhythmic world of music education. Rebecca's story is a symphony of playful anecdotes, teaching triumphs, and the undeniable proof that it's never too late to chase a crescendo in life.

Striking the right note isn't just for the young; it's a melody that can be learned at any age. Tune in as we break down the myth that adults can't master musical instruments, and explore the various pathways to become fluent in the universal language of music. Whether you're drawn to the keys of a piano or the strings of a guitar, we chat about the balance between the intuitive joy of playing by ear and the structured discipline of reading notes. Rebecca's firsthand experiences with adult learners offer encouragement and practical insights for those yearning to let their inner musicians out to play.

The crescendo of our conversation leads to the innovative Fegan Method, an approach to learning that's as versatile as it is effective. It's not just about music; this method can help anyone master new skills, from improving your jump shot to understanding quantum physics. We wrap up the episode with a lively trivia challenge that's sure to tickle your funny bone and reawaken your playful spirit.

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(00:11) The Power of Playing Music With Rebecca Sue Fegan
(11:22) Getting Started in Music
(22:10) The Fegan Method

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