Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Exploring Live Virtual Comedy with Leanne Linsky from Plauzzable

January 14, 2024 Mike Montague Season 4 Episode 173
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Exploring Live Virtual Comedy with Leanne Linsky from Plauzzable
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Show Notes

Join us as we kick off the new year with a little laughter and the vibrant energy of Leanne Linksy, a comic genius with two decades in the game, who has innovatively tackled the world of online comedy. Discover the nuances of virtual laughter with Plauzzable, her bespoke live comedy platform designed to eliminate the dreaded audio lag and elevate audience interaction. This chat is a deep exploration into the craft of comedy in the digital age, where timing is everything, and a live reaction can make or break a performance.

Listen in as we unwrap virtual shows' incredible impact on making comedy accessible far beyond the bright lights of New York and California. We touch on the heartfelt connections formed in these intimate online spaces, where age and health are no barriers to participation, and safety and convenience take center stage. Creativity abounds as comedians blend the boundaries of podcasts, live shows, and more, all while crafting sustainable business models that bring laughter directly to a dispersed fan base.

Hear about the personal and often winding roads taken by those in the comedic world, including my own journey of juggling a day job with night-time aspirations. In this conversation, we reveal the secret sauce of successful online event promotion and the transformative power of improv and play, proving that sometimes, success in comedy isn't about fame but about the joy and enrichment it brings into our lives. So, whether you're in it for the giggles or the insights, this episode promises to entertain and enlighten.

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(01:12) Online Comedy Shows and Virtual Events
(09:35) Virtual Shows' Impact on Comedy Accessibility
(15:10) Building a Comedy Career
(21:49) The Power of Play and Improv

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