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Playing with Cross-Stich with Jamie Chalmers, MrXStitch

December 08, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 169
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Playing with Cross-Stich with Jamie Chalmers, MrXStitch
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Show Notes

Ever been on a long flight and stumbled upon a passion that would redefine your life? That's exactly what happened to our guest, Jamie Chalmers, also known as MrXStitch. He discovered the craft of cross-stitching mid-flight, finding it meditative and calming. He turned his craft into a career, becoming a celebrated figure in the world of needlework. His unique, tangible designs offer an alternative to the fleeting nature of social media scrolling, proving that crafting can bring immense satisfaction and joy.

Cross stitching is often stereotyped as an 'old lady' hobby, but Jamie, the tattooed 'gangster of cross stitching', is here to challenge those assumptions. He's not just about breaking the mold, Jamie is also about promoting and expanding this art form, and he's doing it in his own unique way. He even dabbled in playing Santa Claus, overcoming his initial discomfort to spread holiday magic. His story is about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding joy in the unexpected.

Jamie's journey didn't just involve a shift in craft, but a shift in his career path entirely. He left his corporate job to pursue his passion, finding success in the creative industry. His story is a testament to the fact that 'enough' money varies for each individual. The episode wouldn't be complete without adding a touch of humor, as we test Jamie's movie trivia knowledge, making for an entertaining end to our chat. We wrap up the episode by emphasizing the importance of play, encouraging everyone to explore new hobbies and activities. So, sit back and enjoy this exciting journey of creativity, humor, and play with MrXStitch.

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(00:18) Cross Stitch
MrXStitch shares his love for the meditative craft and the satisfaction of creating something tangible.

(07:59) Benefits of Gangster Cross Stitching
Breaking stereotypes and promoting creativity through cross stitching, embracing passions, and curating textile art.

(11:10) Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Cross-Stitch
Challenging gender norms in cross stitching, embracing passions, versatility of the art form, and the importance of play.
(20:43) The Profound Magic of Playing Santa
Jamie embraces Santa's role, using alter egos like MrXStitch, finding joy in bringing magic to families.

(29:15) Layered Career, Financial Freedom
A cross-stitch designer left his corporate job to pursue his passion, discussing ad revenue, subscriptions, and workshops, and the concept of "enough" money.

Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of cross-stitch with us!

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