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How to Be A Stand-Up Comedian with Comedy Coach, Alfie Noakes

November 30, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 168
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
How to Be A Stand-Up Comedian with Comedy Coach, Alfie Noakes
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Show Notes

Imagine stepping onto a stage, microphone in hand, ready to make a room full of people laugh. Sounds thrilling, right? In this episode, we're getting the inside scoop from Alfie Noakes, head honcho at the We Are Funny Project, to guide us through the exciting world of stand-up comedy. Alfie reveals how the 'comedy bug' can spark a passion for performing and discusses how comedy can help combat stage fright and enhance skills like public speaking and creative thinking. 

The spotlight doesn't stop there - we're also delving into the art of crafting a unique comedic style, and it's not about conforming to a template. It's about authenticity, voice, and breaking rules. Alfie dishes out tips on turning personal experiences into amusing stories that will make you stand out on stage. Discover how breaking the mold and experimenting can lead to the development of your personal comedic style. 

Finally, we're drawing the curtain back on the fascinating intersection of comedy and career choices. Alfie, who transitioned from film work to comedy, shares his journey, emphasizing the importance of respecting other acts and steering clear of joke theft. We also examine the surprising similarities between sales and comedy, highlighting how both fields rely on building rapport with the audience. Tune in, laugh out loud, and maybe, just maybe, you'll be inspired to grab that microphone yourself.

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(00:17) Stand-Up Comedy
Stand-up comedy exploration with guest Alfie Noakes, discussing benefits, types of people, and transferable skills gained from performing.

(12:53) Importance of Unique Comedy
Nature's comedy: finding your voice, generating ideas from personal experiences, and breaking rules to stand out as a comedian.

(16:17) Comedy and Career Choices Intersection
Nature's comedy phases, joke theft, personal characteristics, film career, and combining passions for a successful comedy expert career.

(24:00) Sales and Comedy
Sales and comedy both require rapport with the audience, using different approaches, repetition, and calibration for perfecting jokes.

 If you've ever wanted to take a shot at comedy or just love a good laugh, this is the episode for you. Tune in to learn how to embrace your unique style, transform your personal experiences into hilarious narratives, and discover the surprising intersection between comedy and career choices. Don't forget to check out his free ebook and online courses to polish your comedic skills. Tune in now and learn to be a more Playful Human! 

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