Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Hearts Need Art: The Healing Power of Play with Richard Wilmore & Vocab

October 31, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 167
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Hearts Need Art: The Healing Power of Play with Richard Wilmore & Vocab
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Show Notes

Could the key to healing and recovery be as simple and profound as rediscovering the power of play and creativity? Join us for a heartwarming conversation with Richard Wilmore from Heart Needs Art and Vocab, a poet and singer, as we explore the transformative role of playful activities, like painting and playing the ukulele, in dealing with stress, pain, and burnout.

Drawing from the impactful work of Heart Needs Art in hospitals, Richard and Vocab share inspiring stories of how this non-profit has grown from one hospital floor to ten hospitals since its inception in 2016. Delve into the world of miniature car races, hand-made crochet hearts, and ukulele lessons that offer much-needed breathers to patients and healthcare staff alike. Listen in on the remarkable story of a teenager, Jeff Hansen, whose art creation while battling a brain tumor, generated millions of dollars for charity.

Finally, we explore how Heart Needs Art facilitates moments of joy, connection, and self-expression through art and play. Richard and Vocab give us a glimpse into how they use the power of play to help adults, their family members, and healthcare staff, turning donations into lifelines of hope and transformation. Join us for an episode that promises to inspire, move, and perhaps, even redefine your understanding of healing and recovery.


(0:00:19) - Play's Healing and Art Power
Richard shares how play and creativity can reconnect us with ourselves and bring health and healing.

(0:11:44) - Art Therapy's Impact in Hospitals
Heart Needs Art has grown to 10 hospitals, transforming patients' lives through play, art, and connection, with stories of success like Jeff Hansen's art raising millions for charity.

(0:18:48) - Playful Activities and Overcoming Creative Blocks
Art and play are used to help people in pain, stress, or burnout, creating a resonance to change energy.

(0:29:38) -
Heart Needs Art provides joy, connection, self-expression, and play through art, with donations used to pay artists.

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