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Navigating The World of Professional Speaking with Grant Baldwin

August 10, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 156
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Navigating The World of Professional Speaking with Grant Baldwin
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Show Notes

Tired of the monotony in your 9-5 job? Yearning to make a leap into the thrilling world of public speaking? Join us as we embark on a riveting journey with Grant Baldwin, the brains behind The Speaker Lab. This episode is a mix of humor, inspiration, and knowledge as we exchange tales of how we transitioned from unfulfilling careers to become successful public keynote speakers. You'll learn about finding and booking gigs from the expert himself and also discover the wealth of resources available at The Speaker Lab.

Ever found your palms sweating and your heart racing at the thought of speaking in public? You're not alone. This episode delves into strategies to combat this common fear and offers actionable tips to improve your speaking skills, no matter whether you're a newbie booking your first gig or a seasoned speaker. We dissect the varied spectrum of speakers, from beginners to those with thriving businesses, and provide insightful strategies to help you level up.

Moreover, there's more than just facing fears and improving skills. We journey into the corporate speaking industry with Grant, where he shares nuggets of wisdom on maximizing opportunities and striking the right balance between in-person and virtual speaking. We also explore the concept of a fun bucket list, dream gigs, and even dive into a game of 'Rock Paper Anything'. This light-hearted yet informative episode will surely inspire you to take your public speaking career to new heights. So, prepare to learn, laugh and leap into the world of public speaking with us!

(0:00:18) - Getting Paid to Speak
Grant and I discuss transitioning from a job to full-time speaking, booking gigs, training, connecting with audiences, and the rewards of speaking.

(0:10:19) - Public Speaking Fear
Speakers of all levels discussed navigating fear, the importance of practice, and strategies for success.

(0:13:53) - Nerves & Preparation in Public Speaking
Nerves and excitement can be managed through self-awareness and preparation for important moments.

(0:20:38) - Career Opportunities in Public Speaking
Grant Baldwin offers advice on speaking opportunities, balance between in-person and virtual, finding a niche, and his fun bucket list.

(0:24:42) - Bucket Lists, Dream Gigs, Fun Games
We discuss manifesting dreams, nerves vs. excitement, and achieving ambitions.

(0:28:17) - Rock Paper Anything
Grant Baldwin introduces "Rock Paper Anything" game, his book "The Successful Speaker", his website, and personality quiz.

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