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A Blueprint for Beating Bullies with Bullseye The Clown

August 01, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 155
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
A Blueprint for Beating Bullies with Bullseye The Clown
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Show Notes

Comedy As Armor: Bullseye's Fight Against Bullying

How can humor be a powerful tool against bullying? This question drives our conversation with the incomparable Bullseye the Clown, who shares his inspiring transition from stand-up comedian to clown. Bullseye unveils a gripping tale laced with a surprise inheritance and a spontaneous journey to Russia that led him to the world of clowning.

Bullseye's unique perspective on bullying offers insight into an issue that has drastically evolved over time. He dissects the stark contrast between traditional and cyberbullying, highlighting the importance of a strong support system and a positive environment to combat this issue. He emphasizes the transformative power that positivity can have on bullying, providing a fresh perspective that turns the tables on this prevalent issue.

In the final part of our chat, Bullseye delves into the details of his book, 'Bullseye On Bullying: A Blueprint for Beating Bullies,' sharing the therapeutic wonders of clowning. He introduces his website, 'Clowns On A Mission,' where the spirit of play is boldly celebrated. Join us for this exploration of the multi-faceted world of bullying, and let's embrace the power of play with @BullseyeTheClown.

(0:00:00) - Rediscovering Play and Beating Bullies
Bullseye shares his story of clowning, bullying, humor, and connection to help people beat bullies.

(0:09:52) - Navigating Bullying
Bullseye shares insight on bullying, cyberbullying, positive support systems, and the power of positivity.

(0:22:34) - Bullying, Stand-Up Comedy, and Hecklers
Bullseye shares how clowning has helped him cope with bullying, handle hecklers, and make people laugh.

(0:31:59) - Clown's Book, Entertainment, and Playfulness
Bullseye the Clown shares his work in beating bullies, the power of play, Clowns On A Mission, Bullseye on Bullying, and the Playfulness Quiz.

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