Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Sparking Playfulness and Innovation in Existing Companies with Alma Derricks

July 25, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 154
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Sparking Playfulness and Innovation in Existing Companies with Alma Derricks
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Show Notes

Ever wondered how to ignite that much-needed spark of innovation in a large, established company? Want to learn how to navigate resistance to new ideas and create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation? Join us as we delve into these fascinating topics with our guest, Alma Derricks from Korn Ferry Consulting. We discuss the importance of stepping outside the comfort zone and embracing change, drawing from Alma's early internet days of creating websites and helping cool clients like Peanuts, Star Trek, and Blue Man Group transition to online.

How do we push past traditional boundaries to create something truly groundbreaking? Alma shares powerful insights on managing existing budgets and gaining stakeholder buy-in, while also highlighting the importance of taking responsibility for creative ideas and embracing side hustles as a means of experimentation. We'll explore how she pushed back against traditional industries to reclaim online rights, a bold move that made waves in the corporate world.

Finally, we challenge the traditional work script, debating whether hard work is really a prerequisite for meaningful work. Alma and I discuss the potential of valuing instinct and talent over sheer hard work, and how flipping the 80-20 rule to prioritize interesting work can yield far better results. We'll also share an example of how a seemingly simple solution solved a complex problem, emphasizing the importance of looking at situations from different perspectives. So, if you're ready to shake up your work routine, find personal fulfillment, and explore new opportunities within your company, this episode is packed with insights and stories that are sure to inspire.

(0:00:21) - Spark Innovation in Large Companies
Alma Derricks discusses sparking playfulness and innovation in large companies, taking risks, embracing change, and creating something new.

(0:11:59) - Navigating Resistance to New Ideas
Alma shares her experience of reclaiming online rights and taking responsibility for creative ideas, discussing playfulness, innovation, budgets, and buy-in in larger companies.

(0:19:24) - Creating Work You Love, Finding Environment
Alma and I discuss how hard work isn't necessary for meaningful work, flipping the script of hard work to interesting work, and an example of a simple solution.

(0:26:24) - Exploring New Opportunities Within Your Company
We discussed side hustles, gamifying work, and personal responsibility for financial security and fulfillment.

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