Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Answer What's Next: The Pursuit of Joy with Lauren St George

July 11, 2023 Mike Montague Season 3 Episode 152
Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living
Answer What's Next: The Pursuit of Joy with Lauren St George
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Show Notes

What if the key to a fulfilling life doesn't lie in chasing the 'right' path but finding joy and satisfaction where you are? In an enlightening conversation with our guest, Lauren St George, we dissect the concept of purpose and explore the liberating perspective that there may not be a single 'right answer' to life's big questions. Instead, embracing purpose as a mutable concept and harnessing tools like merit badges and video game items, you can navigate towards your next life mission. Remember, happiness and fulfillment aren't destinations - they're daily choices.

Imagine a life where you're fully present and playful, where every moment is savored and relished. This isn't a whimsical dream - it's a reality you can cultivate with intentional mindfulness and gratitude. Lauren shares her insights on grounding ourselves in the present, using past experiences to set the trajectory for our future, and the role of playfulness in our lives. Moreover, we touch on an exciting new learning opportunity that promises to influence Lauren’s journey.

Now, let's flip the fear of failure on its head. The school system conditions us to fear mistakes, but what if failure is merely a stepping-stone to success? Lauren and I debunk the paralyzing effects of fear and self-doubt, and instead, rewire our brains to embrace failure as part of the process. We discuss the power of a supportive system and mindful feedback in building confidence and trust in our decisions. So, come along, and let's rekindle the joy of play and discovery in our lives together!

(0:00:20) - Purpose and Play in Midlife Crisis
Lauren St George helps us find joy and fulfillment by focusing on what brings us satisfaction, using tools like merit badges and video game items, and actively pursuing happiness daily.

(0:09:04) - Being Present and Playful
Practicing gratitude, mindfulness, and reflecting on past experiences to create a more present, fulfilled life is discussed.

(0:15:46) - Overcoming Fears and Building Confidence
Fear, uncertainty, and doubt can hinder progress, but confidence can be built with support and mindful feedback.

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